1. What is shopsarisari.com?

Shopsarisari.com the online store of Pinoy Town Hall(www.pinoytownhall.com), where you’ ll find a large selection of authentic products from the Philippines and the rest of Asia. At shopsarisari.com, we help the Filipino supplier / manufacturer grow from local to global by providing easy access to effective export solutions and providing support ranging from product approval assistance, warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, payment processing, as well as marketing solutions(www.shopsarisari.com / supplier) At shopsarisari.com, we provide buyers of Filipino and Asian products the convenience of quick order processing, careful packing and efficient handling of our shipping partners. Serving you since 2008, we have brought Filipinos closer to home, bringing to their doorstep what they miss and remember

2. How does one buy from your online store?
Register / Login to shopsarisari.com and follow the user friendly guide for purchasers, up to checkout.
3. What credit cards to you accept?
  • Visa
  • Master Card
4. Are all your food items FDA approved?
Yes. Even non-food items requiring FDA approval have been inspected and certified safe for use
5. What happens if you want to return an item?

We will process returns upon checking and approval under the guidelines of our Return Policy

6. How does one become a shopsarisari.com supplier?
  • Fill out the application form on www.shopsarisari.com/supplier, providing all product details, photo and information
  • Upon receipt of approval letter, send sample products to Sari Sari’s warehouse to test market traction.
  • If samples are in order. Sari Sari will set up an account and inventory management for the Supplier’s selling portal.
  • Supplier will receive an email with the access and step-by-step instructions to manage his/her account.
7. What other assistance can be extended to suppliers?
  • Warehouse and fulfillment
  •  FDA Approval in the USA
  •  Branding and Graphic Design Services
  • Packaging and Printing Services
  • Amazon Store and Approval Assistance
  • Responsive E-Commerce Website
  • Internet Marketing & Pay per Click Ads
  • Payment Processing (Online and Offline)