Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream – Fair 25g

Skin concerns, such as blotchiness, dryness, and flaking can be a hassle! It’s hard to find just one product that addresses them all. MAXI-PEEL Concealing Cream effectively fulfills your skincare expectations with just one multi-benefit product that combines effective skin perfecting coverage + intense sun protection + significant lightening for skin that looks naturally more even, smooth, and renewed.

MAXI-PEEL Concealing Cream is a multi-benefit product that:
– Effectively conceals flaking that might appear on exfoliant-treated skin.
– Packed with SPF 20 keeping skin protected from sun exposure.
– Offers fairer complexion in as early as 7 days.
– Makes a fine make-up base giving kin a polished, matte finish.


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