Magical Placenta Orange Herbal Soap with Coconut Oil ( 3 Boxes )

Unlike any other soap you’ll ever used, this herbal moisturizing soap is especially formulated for any type of skin. It gently exfoliates dead skin, increases the skin cell’s ability to retain moisture for smoother feel. It comes form the finest botanical ingredients that will help your skin look radiant, smooth and healthy.

Placenta is a word famously use in the Philippines to describe a plant based ingredient on their soap products

  • Net Weight: 135g

$23.97 $22.97


The Magical Herbal Soaps are the result of a unique manufacturing process. The high quality composition of their coconut oil and plant-derived ingredients provide a long-lasting moisturization, cleanses deeply into the skin and creates a creamy lather that perfectly pampers your skin everyday.

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